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Dear {NAME}

It has been a while since we have dropped the leash and sent out a Doogle newsletter, but there have been some great things happening recently.

Doogle in your free MetPet magazine
MetPet is a free guide for caring pet owners and is distributed throughout vets, pet stores, selected cafes and supermarkets. Published quarterly, MetPet is a great resource for pet information and services. In the latest issue MetPet catches up with Doogle. Click here to check out the article. Reprinted by permission of MetPet Magazine, A Guide for Caring Pet Owners, subscribe online at

Why walking is great for everyone!
The people at Walkabouts have kindly sent us something we all know is so true, but a little reminder doesn't go astray...

Dogs are made to run. And chase, sniff and track. A seemingly lazy dog will jitter from excitement the moment his lead is produced. To be happy and behaved, your dog needs a daily dose of exercise. It's essential to his health and wellbeing. By being out walking with your pet, you are enabling a variety of things to take place. There are obvious physical benefits to dog walking such as improved fitness and weight loss and it's also a great opportunity to catch up and perfect your training exercises with him.

Walking dogs gives you the opportunity to bond with them and bestow positive attention onto them. Exercising your pet is also beneficial for his or her mental stimulation. Being out and about in the neighborhood will present your dog with sights and smells that have to be investigated. Talking to them and playing will make your pet feel relaxed and part of your pack. Being instinctively social animals, dogs will also look forward to bumping into their own kind while out as most enjoy socialising with other dogs.

So allow yourself time out with your dog, bringing him happiness and promoting better behavior because an active dog is a content dog once you are back home.

So what's next...
Next month Doogle is running an article on what to do in the event you are involved in a dog attack. It can happen, so be prepared!
Don't forget to pick up your free copy of MetPet magazine or subscribe now. Go to

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