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Exercise Area Details

Grays Road, Plimmerton
Wednesday, February 06, 2013
Note: Local council laws can change over time.

This is an "Off Leash" dog exercise area

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Getting there
Follow the motorway from Wellington to Plimmerton. Next lights after the Plimmerton turn off, turn right into Grays Road (just before the pedestrian bridge). Follow Grays Road over the hill and near the bottom, turn right into the car park.
Parking by the boat club and toilets. Lovely picnic area where lots of people use canoes, etc in summer. Dogs are allowed off leash past the club house. Wonderful walk back along the inlet towards Mana Beach. Lots of areas for dogs to swim and run. Be prepared - you will meet loads of dogs off lead!! We try and do this walk every weekend as our dogs love the swimming.

Submitted by
Breed of Dog
Cavoodles (2x) 
Name of Dog
Rusty & Mitsi 
Age of Dog
1 Year(s) (At time of listing)

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