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Welcome to the Doogle Blogs. All topics are created by us here at Doogle for our users to participate in. To reply to a topic click on the link.

Created by TheK9Way - 1/Mar/2016  
The common idea is that the walk is there for the dog. That is being equivalent to sniffing, playing, excitement, fun and so on in most peoples minds. Unfortunately this is a human interpretation that leads to miscommunication and often contributes to to behavioral problems.

How to stimulate your dog detection dog workingWhy? Because the dog is leading and the owner is following with this attitude in mind. You actually have a great opportunity at hand with assuring a proper walk for your dog. You can give your dog a job, a purpose. Which is important for its well-being. Did you ever consider why working dogs hardly ever show any behavioral problems? One reason for this is that working dogs have a job to do. And that job is clear and precise in the dogs mind. When they are in working mode, they focus on their task and forget or rather ignore everything else.

If you nevertheless think that the walk needs to be fun for your dog, consider that your dog is having fun 24/7. It does what it wants most of the time. So fun and doing what the dog wants is clearly not something your dog is lacking. Besides the right time for your dog to do what it wants is when it is off lead. On the lead is ideally a different story, for your and for your dogs sake.

Read more here >>
Number of Messages/Replies: 0

Created by dlmartin1978 - 11/Jan/2015  
Iam looking for a fresh water hole within about 30 min of south akland to be able to take my newfoundland swimming... any suggestions would be great...
Number of Messages/Replies: 1

Mila is waiting for that special friend to come hangout with her on the beach or in the park. Puppy trainer suggested friends to get rid of some of my energy and help with socializing.
Number of Messages/Replies: 0

Created by briggsdj - 11/Feb/2013  
The Doogle Blogs are not intended for the use of advertising therefore this blog has been removed.
Number of Messages/Replies: 0

Created by Sparkys dad - 27/Sep/2011  
A change in these times is long overdue. I am not sure how to go about this and would welcome any and all suggestions please?
Roly Wright
Number of Messages/Replies: 0

Created by Meli6 - 27/Jan/2011  
Hi All,

Am originally from Palmerston North and Peepi has grown up running at the Manawatu river, his and my favourite place to go adventuring! : ) Have been searching Auckland to find something similar but am not having much luck in finding a never ending bridal track like that in Palmy. Does anyone have any ideas of something similar? Would be great to find a really big area for my big dog to play in rather than the little parks that are classed as 'dog off lead areas'. They just aren't big enough for a good walk.
Cheers : )
Number of Messages/Replies: 1

Created by yelverton - 19/Jan/2011  
We are getting a puppy and we named it Marley. Do you now an off leash area in Onehunga for the new member of the famliy.

from Thomas
Number of Messages/Replies: 0

Created by Mone - 21/Feb/2010  
Hi there,
we are a professional couple with an English Pointer looking for a house to share with 1-2 other dog friendly people. We live in Birkenhead at the moment and would like to stay in that area.
So, if you want to rent out your house or you are looking for someone to move into your existing flat or if you are keen to join forces to find a nice place to live in - please get in touch with us.

Simone & Robin
Number of Messages/Replies: 0

Created by Juliet - 9/Jan/2010  
Hi, I am a recent film school graduate and the proud owner of Tigger, a 8yr old retired greyhound.
I am shooting a self funded short film on the 23rd of January 2010 at the studio in Wellington. This will be entered into short film competitions and festivals.
I would like anyone interested in volunteering their greyhound as an extra to contact me by e-mail -
I am also desperate for greyhound crates which I would need for the 22nd and 23rd January - to set up the set!
Any extra props such as muzzles, collars, racing vests will be much appreciated.
I am happy to talk to anyone interested about the script/story and what will be happening.
Juliet Bergh
Number of Messages/Replies: 0

Created by AbbeysMum - 29/Mar/2009  
I was just wondering if all the dog exercise areas listed are fenced. We took our dog to the Pt Chevalier one today and it was great - all fenced off so the owner can relax while the K-9 has fun. Any help regarding this would be much appreciated.
Number of Messages/Replies: 1

Created by Dawn - 18/Mar/2009  
We are currently living in Auckland but shifting to Napier to live. I would like to know where there are off leash areas to exercise my dog.
Number of Messages/Replies: 0

Created by TracyG - 16/Mar/2009  

I would like to go on holiday to Gisborne with my dog, but from first glances it seems I can't really go anywhere with her. Any ideas where we can go on decent walks?
Number of Messages/Replies: 0

Created by kellyburns - 4/Dec/2008  
Looking for nice campgrounds near the beach in the north island that allow dogs. trying to plan summer holiday. Have looked around online and there are alot of campgrounds that allow dogs....BUT...are they nice??? Don't want to end up at a dirty, old, run down capmground(as I know some that allow dogs are!) any ideas?
Number of Messages/Replies: 2

I am struggling to find good places to walk my dog where I can take the pram as well. Western Springs is an example of the ideal park for this purpose, but it's a long way from the North Shore. Can anyone suggest any good parks with lots of well formed paths where I can take my dog for a decent walk without having to subject my baby to a very "bouncy" off-road ride!
Number of Messages/Replies: 1

Created by elfine - 5/Jul/2008  

I'm new to the Taranaki region with a very lively 11month old chocolate lab. Does anyone know of any good walking/exercise areas? Anyone in this region interested in joint dog walking. My beautiful girl (Harley) is very sociable and we have done the first stage of obedience classes.

Number of Messages/Replies: 0

Created by Mouse - 27/May/2007  
feel like having a rant! anything in the media that fires you up?
Number of Messages/Replies: 6

Created by Lee - 25/May/2007  
Most of us have probably been down that road; standing in a cold wet park in the middle of winter in order to teach our companion the basics of behaviour. Then, within months of passing the course, it's back to the old tricks. Share your tips and trciks with others.
Number of Messages/Replies: 8

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