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Welcome To Doogle

members registered, and growing!

If you are looking for some great places to walk your dog, looking to adopt, sell or give free to a good home, have lost or found a dog recently or looking for some people to walk your dog with then Doogle is for you.

For any of you not aware, the beautiful black dog at the top of the Doogle Website is Mouse, our beloved Lab/Rotty X. Unfortunately we had him put down on the morning of August 20, 2014 due to his fight with cancer.

you will be sorely missed and always loved Mouse. A true member of our family. Always thinking of you.

Lee, Jen and the boys! X


Simply browse or use the menu on the left to find what you are looking for. Our exercise area listings where you can find some great places to walk your dog and the the Lost and Found section makes use of Google Maps. This allows users to pinpoint their location on a road map and/or satellite map from an aerial perspective. This makes it so much easier to check out the location for accessbililty and to see exactly where it is. Sometimes people's directions aren't always in the same language. If you have a location not listed, then please feel free to add it now! You don't even have to be registered.

Register now so you can make use of all the great features available on Doogle. Registered users can submit listings to Lost and Found, Walking Buddies, Adoption Services as well as contact users through these listings when logged in. Once registered and logged in, "My Doogle" is your window to the features you have listed on. From here you can add, edit and delete.
If you think Doogle could be a great way to target your audience or let your voice be heard, then please contact us and let us know how we can help.

Don't forget to refer a friend and register for the Doogle newsletter!

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